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Birds, Their Life, Their Ways, Their World

 Author: Christopher M. Perrins  Category: Science  Published: January 1, 1979  ISBN: 0895770652  ISBN-13: 0895770652  Pages: 424  Language: English

Birds are among the most capitivationg creatures on earth. We marvel at their spectacular colors. their stream lined shapes, their abiltiy to fly with grace and ease. Their exuberant vitality enchants us, their mysterious lives tantalize us, and their bewitching melodies uplift our hearts and minds. Birds is actually two books in one. It opens with a comprehensive description of the diverse lives of birds. In the chapter on FEEDING you’ll discover how bee eaters escape being stung by their prey, what finicky creatures feed exclusively on snails, how many fish a puffin can carry away in its beak. BREEDING introduces you to the amazingly large variety of nests and patterns of parental care. MIGRATION gives you up to date information on the intricate navigation techniques of long distance fliers, including some that travel 18,000 miles in a year.

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